American Literature

Equiano’s Autobiograph
I. Write a paragraph explaining the following questions.
Why does he describe his African culture and customs to such an extent?
Why does he discuss the Jews/Israelites?
Why does he discuss complexions?

Wheatley’s Poetry
II. Compare Wheatley with Bradstreet as poets on public subjects. What might explain the difference in personal voice between the two poets?

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Malignant Melanoma Case Study

Malignant Melanoma

Mr. P.X. age 45 had been swimming and was sitting on the beach when a friend commented on a dark reddish black “pimple” with a rough surface on it on his upper back. Mr. P.X. said he had several moles on his body and it was not of concern. However, later he thought about the comment and saw a physician, who thought the lesion was suspicious and should be checked. The border and surface of the mass were irregular, and it appeared to be quite thick. A similar small lesion was located nearby. The lesion was diagnosed as a superficial spreading malignant melanoma, and further surgery was scheduled. Surgery revealed that the melanoma had penetrated through the dermis and had spread to the regional lymph nodes.

  1. Explain the factors that make this lesion suspicious for cancer
  2. List the possible predisposing factors in this patient.
  3. Predict the prognosis and the reasons for it in this case.

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Atopic Dermatitis Case Study

Atopic Dermatitis

J.W., at age 5 months, had a moist, erythematous rash on the cheeks, chest, and extensor surfaces of the arms, caused by atopic dermatitis. She had secondary bacterial infection on one cheek.

1. State the factors in the family history that would support a genetic predisposition to atopic dermatitis in this infant.

2. Explain why a secondary bacterial infection has probably developed.

3. List four factors that tend to aggravate atopic dermatitis

4. Explain two ways in which administration of an antihistamine could help J.W. sleep.

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Hepatitis B and Cirrhosis Case Study

Hepatitis B and Cirrhosis

J.B. age 35 has had chronic hepatitis B for 9 years. The origin of his acute infection was never ascertained.

1. Describe the pathophysiology of acute hepatitis B infection.

2. If J.B. had known about his exposure, could any treatment measures have been undertaken at the time?

3. Describe two signs of the preicteric stage and three signs of the icteric stage of acute hepatitis B infection.

4. What serum markers remain high when chronic hepatitis B is present?

5. Explain the circumstances under which J.B. could transmit the virus (including the various stages of the disease [preicteric, icteric, and so on] as well as the mode of transmission).

6. Explain how cirrhosis develops from chronic hepatitis B

7.  Explain why the early stage of cirrhosis is relatively asymptomatic

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Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Case Study

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

C.S. was a healthy, active teenager, other than experiencing irregular menstrual cycles and severe dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation). She had gain weight during her college years. Family history indicated that a paternal great-grandmother had diabetes.

Current history included two miscarriages at 3 months gestation and one at 5 months following amniocentesis. At age 36, following a course of fertility drugs, C.S. became pregnant, but developed high blood pressure in the first trimester. Routine testing at 3 months’ gestation revealed elevated blood glucose and protein in the urine as a result of gestational diabetes and kidney dysfunction. Insulin injections and daily oral ASA were prescribed, as well as weekly appointments with the obstetrician. A weight loss of 30 pounds occurred during the pregnancy.

  1. Using your knowledge of normal physiology, explain how glucose and protein can be present in the urine.
  2. List the potential risks with gestational diabetes
  3. Why was insulin prescribed?

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Business Ethics

1) “Taking Rights out of Human Rights.” By John Tasioulas, John. Ethics. July 2010, Volume 120, Issue 4, pages 647-678.

2) Authors: Thompson, Karen J.; Thach, Elizabeth C.; and Morelli, Melissa. Insights to a Changing World Journal. December 2010, Issue 4, pages 107-130. Title: “Implementing Ethical Leadership: Current Challenges and Solutions.”

3) “Ethics as a Business Strategy.” Authored by By: Andrew N. Liveris. Vital Speeches of the Day. January 2011, Volume 77, Issue 1, pagex 35-39

Locate the following books in the TUI Library (use eBrary):

1) Author is M. Paliwal. Year published: 2006; Published by New Age International; Location: Delhi, India. Title of book: Business Ethics.

2) Title of book: Introduction to Healthcare Organzational Ethics. Written by Robert T. Hall. Publisher is Oxford University Press; Place of publication: Cary, North Carolina. Published in the year 2000.

For each of the sources above, please address the following:

1) Take a direct quotation out of each of the above sources, and demonstrate how each direct quotation should be cited (as an in-text citation);

Example: While the initial response was slow, Sethi, Veral, and Emelianova (2011) found, “the initial phase also had strong oversight interest from top management including a representative of Mattel’s board of directors, and called for frequent reporting.” (p. 485)

2) Copy 2-3 sentences from the above sources, and then paraphrase the sentences as you would in your essay. Remember to place the sentences you are paraphrasing in your assignment submission.

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Occupy wall street movement

Occupy wall street movement

1. Discuss the moral and economic implications involved in the movement.
2. Analyze each of the implications identified above against the utilitarian, Kantian, and virtue ethics to determine which theory best applies to the movement. Support your position with examples and evidence.
3. Determine who is responsible for income inequality and wealth distribution in the U.S. In your analysis, make sure to include if this is something that happened suddenly or if it built up over time. Explain your rationale.
4. Suggest an equitable outcome from the movement that would be appropriate for our capitalistic society.
5. Predict whether the movement will continue, fad away, or turn into something else. Provide a rationale with your response.
6. Use at least three (3) quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality as academic resources.

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