Case Study/White Paper Identify American Employment-related laws and Regulations

This assignment is adapted from the module 2 case. Be sure to read the module 2 case study scenario found in the Course Content area of

our classroom carefully, then begin to develop your white paper ideas. Your white paper should identify major American employment-related laws

and regulations and include a clear and comprehensive interpretation of these laws as they apply to Pomodoro, Inc. Your paper should be three to

five pages in length and include citations and references in APA format.

“Your new boss has made it clear she wants the firm to comply with U.S. employment regulations. In addition, she wants to inform the firm’s staff

that a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of any sort is in effect. Develop a three to five page white paper defining the important harassment

and employment-related laws and regulations in place and outlining the points you want to include as you develop and publish your firm’s harassment policy.

(Research topics might include but are not limited to: harassment, wage and salary legislation, employment laws, and OSHA regulations.)

And please remember! Your firm has both American and international employees so you will want to include a discussion of policy implications

for your company’s global workplace.”

Develop a three- to five-page white (position) paper defining the important harassment and employment-related laws and regulations,

and outline the relevant application points. Some of the topics might include, but are not limited to, sexual harassment, wage and salary

legislation, recruitment, interviewing, affirmative action, equal employment opportunity, and ADA. Write the position paper knowing that

the audience (those who will read the paper) will be both American and international employees; therefore, you will want to write it in

such a manner that all can understand the implications, although they are not all U.S. citizens.

Module 2 Case Study:

The goal of corporate officers is to position their business entities in the marketplace to ensure optimal competitiveness.

This goal applies whether the entity produces goods, services, or information, or whether the entity is an international conglomerate

or a start-up venture. Management faces special challenges, for example, in the case of mergers. The challenge can be greater when

units that span international boundaries merge. Human resource managers must always be aware of the influences, whether environmental,

organizational, or individual, to lead their businesses through challenging times.

In the following scenarios, your company has just been subsumed by a large multinational firm, Pomodoro, Ltd., a food and beverage industry giant.

Your previous company, Thompson Snack Foods, manufactured and distributed snack foods in the southeast United States.

Your product line included organic potato and corn chips, pretzels, and peanuts. You have been asked to stay on as HR manager,

and you look forward to working with the new management team. Your new boss, recently transferred from the firm’s offices in Brussels,

has called a meeting for Monday morning.

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