12 Angry Men

January 11, 2016

12 Angry Men
Pages 1-7: Jury Member No. 8, Character played by Henry Fonda. Address the following three (3) questions in a minimum of 7 pages:
a) How would you describe his negotiations approach?
b) There are at least forty (40) Negotiations techniques de?ned and discussed in the course text (Title of book: Negotiation Readings, Exercises, and Cases (7th Edition), Author of book: Roy J. Lewicki, Bruce Barry, and David M. Saunders). Please identify at least 15 that Juror No. 8 used during this movie. Also, clearly describe the circumstance where in the movie he used such technique(s). Then describe the result from its use.
c) Identify at least 3 compromises that he had made? Explain what they were and the e?ective result of each.
Pages 8-14: From your list of 15 Negotiations techniques that Juror No. 8 used, compose a minimum of 7 pages to complete a) and b) below:
a) Select 7 and write a detailed explanation of how your use of these techniques could be applied in your personal and business life.
b) For ech of the 7 chosen techniques, write and explain the result you would hope to achieve by use of that technique.
Pages 15-18: Jury Member No. 4, Character played by E.G. Marshall. Address the following questions. This will require a minimum of 4 pages:
a) How would you describe this individual’s negotiations strategy and approach? Use the terminology de?ned from the text and how he implements that approach and strategy.
b) What was the basis of his “guilty” analysis? Explain his justi?cation for each point.
c) What negotiations techniques were employed by Juror No. 8 to change Juror No. 4’s mind and vote di?erently? Explain the circumstances and detail involved.
Page 19-20 Juror No. 3, Character Played by Lee J. Cobb. Address the following questions:
a) What is the strategy of Juror No. 3?
b) What is Juror No. 3’s style and approach with the other Juror members? Please explain and give examples as part of your response. Be speci?c.
c) Towards the end of the movie, when there were only three (3) jurors remaining that were voting guilty, what role did juror No. 3 play in changing the vote position of the last three jurors.
Explain the incident, circumstances and the influence that juror no. 3 had on these three jurors to change their mind.

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