How is SOSE currently defined in Australia?

Why is it sometimes called Social Sciences?

What is the relationship to other learning areas in the EYLF, the National Curriculum or your State/Territory curriculum?

Why is there such an emphasis on process, knowledge and skills in these curricula?

After reading in the Early Years Learning Framework about children’s right to participate and have a say in matters affecting them consider the following question and record your answer on the Discussion Board:

Think about your interactions with children. Do they reflect what you say you believe about how children learn? In what ways?.

After completing your readings post your answers to the following questions here on discussion board and reply to the postings of at least one of your peers

If values underpin our attitudes and behaviour, when is the right time to start values education with young children?

What current events in Australia make it essential that children from an early age are inclusive in their approach to others who differ.


Make a list of the subjects you could talk about with young children to show how things have changed over time. You should particularly think of stories that you could tell about your own experience. Consider other people you might invite to talk to children and tell their stories about the past, including Indigenous stories and people? What resources would you use (props/books etc)?


Use the internet to collect learning/teaching on history topics for early childhood (for example museums sites and/or places of significance in your local area) for use as learning/teaching resources (on-line research). For example

Research WWW sites and library-based resources in order to establish a portfolio of resources for your own understanding of the following critical topics/issues concerning Geography and Education for Sustainable Development:
• topics that will allow children to learn about the environment;
• activities that will develop in children the skills to investigate and solve issues in the environment;
• activities that will foster attitudes of care and concern for the environment in children.
• Geography of place
How will the activities and websites you have found enhance young children’s essential learnings?

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